Your vote of confidence means the world to us!

Hi Friends –

We want to THANK YOU for your Best of Madison votes so far! In years past we have been up against companies that use punishment and shock collars, so your vote really means a lot to us! And, it helps us to continue with our passion of helping people with their dogs!

Voting goes through October 31st this year and you can vote once a day! We would be humbled for your continued votes – We’re just a small training company, so your vote really does mean the world to us!

Please vote here for Dog Face Training >>  

Thank you for your continued votes, from ALL of us!

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Last Chance for Fall Workshops!

Hi Friends –

How often do you get to spend 90 minutes with your full attention on your dog? Do you think your dog would like to spend 90 minutes doing nothing but spending time with you?

Hi Friends –

How often do you get to spend 90 minutes with your full attention on your dog? Do you think your dog would like to spend 90 minutes doing nothing but spending time with you?

I’m guessing the answer is YES!

Here is a great opportunity for you to get out and try something with your dog! No need for the 6-week commitment, it’s just 90 minutes and $20 for quality, fun, learning-something-new time!

Grab your dog, your treat pouch and meet us tomorrow for one of our Workshops!  Take one or take ’em all!

Saturday, August 27th at our Middleton Location
8:00am – 9:30am – Rally Beginner
9:30am – 11am – Rally Advanced
11a – 12:30p – Therapy Dog/Canine Good Citizen Combo
12:30pm – 2pm – Dog Park Etiquette
2pm – 3:30pm – Household Manners
Oh – Don’t forget to sign-up so we know that you’re coming!
  We can’t wait to see you!!

–Giene & The Dog Face Training Team 


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Use it or Lose it!

Hi Friends –

We all know, or at least I hope we do, that puppy-hood is a critical time for socialization. We take our puppies to class, let them romp around with other puppies, it’s adorable. They learn how to play well with other breeds, play styles, they’re doing great! Maybe we started taking them to dog daycare on the days that we have to work long hours. Or if we know we’ll be gone that evening. They are young and have lots of bugs they need to get out!

But then at some point we stop taking them to daycare. Sometimes it’s because we have another dog at home, so we figure he can play and continue his socialization with him. Or, time just flies way too fast and before we know it, our puppy is now 18 months old and hasn’t really played with another dog for 6 months. Or maybe we had a bad experience at the dog park and just haven’t returned.

If your dog is regularly socialized with a variety of friendly and appropriate dogs, he will feel comfortable around other dogs.
Whatever the case may be, if your dog does not regularly play with friendly, social dogs, he could literally lose his sociability manners and become a, wait for it, “doggy nerd” (insert dramatic music, Dun-Dun-Dun!)… Just like learning a foreign language, if you are not using it regularly in conversation, you will soon forget it. When I owned my dog daycare, we had a rule for dogs returning to play; if they had been gone for more than two months, they had go to through our evaluation process just as though they were a brand new dog coming to play. Yep, just two months, that’s how short it can take! Plus, when you have a dog daycare, new dogs are coming in all the time, so if you have a returning dog, they may know *some* of the dogs there, but not all of them. That is versus. a dog that is there 2-3 days a week and sees a new dog come in – They are not the “newbie”, the other dog is.
Dog-Dog reactivity takes up probably 80% of my private lessons. I will often hear people say “I don’t get it, he went to puppy class”… Speaking of their now two-year old dog. Yep, if they don’t use it, they lose it. It would be like taking a 5-year old child to kindergarten, then keeping them home (without seeing other kids) until college – Hmmm. My guess is they’d have a pretty tough time!
If your dog is regularly socialized with a variety of friendly and appropriate cows, he will feel comfortable around other cows.
Don’t worry, if you have a doggy nerd, we can totally help. Sometimes their nerdiness or frustration may come out in barking at other dogs, lunging, acting like a fool when they see a dog. Sometimes it can be fear based, air-snapping, standing behind you, or maybe just feeling overwhelmed to the point where they can’t even bear to take a treat when they are in the presence of another dog.
We’ve got this awesome class called Focused & Confident. I named it originally because I was thinking of the dogs, but through the years the title of the class has changed meanings – It originally was to have our dogs focused and confident. Being able to pay attention us and listen even when there were high-level distractions around us. But, through the years, the title has also become a goal for our owners. Focused, so you can learn to read your dogs signals and truly understand what he’s going through and what his though process is like. And Confident, this class gives you the confidence that you can totally do this – You’ve got it! Once your dog understands that he doesn’t have to worry about the situation, because you’ve got it under control and you won’t let anything happen to him, he can become much more relaxed… And hence, focus on you and become more confident (man, I could go around and around with those words, couldn’t I?). haha! You get the point.
If your dog is regularly socialized with a variety of friendly and appropriate lions, he will feel comfortable around other lions. Okay, you know I’m not telling you to socialize your dog with a lion, but hopefully you get the picture, if your dog is raised and/or used to being around something that is appropriate and friendly, they will feel comfortable around it (ie, other dogs!). That doesn’t mean to all of a sudden take your dog to a dog park to get him socialized, oh no! Take it slowly…
I think this class is amazingly helpful for everyone, not just those of us that have dogs that are reactive, or fearful, or not listening. It’s like going to the Dentist every six months, preventative care. Man, if we could get to everyone BEFORE their dog became reactive, wowsa!!! Let’s do it!

Here are our upcoming Focused & Confident Classes:

Thur, Aug 4th at 6:30pm
Thur, Sep 15th at 6:30pm

Mon, Aug 1st at 7:00pm (yep, you can still join!)

Sat, Aug 27th at 11:30am

Thur, Aug 4th at 7:30pm
Thur, Sep 15th at 7:30pm

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your dog in class!

Giene Keyes, CPDT-KA
Owner and Founder – Dog Face, LLC
Giene Keyes is the Owner of Dog Face Training, winning Best of Madison, Gold for the past three years in a row, she provides positive in-home and group training for you and your pet. She specializes in aggressive dogs and difficult cases. Having successfully owned one of the first dog daycares in the Madison area, she now consults for daycares and training companies on dog body language, managing a pack and much more. She is an Instructor with the American Red Cross in Pet CPR and First Aid, a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with the American Kennel Club, and a Licensed Judge with the WI Dept of Ag, Trade & Consumer Protection. Giene is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. She routinely presents seminars on dog behavior and training. Giene has been a regular guest on popular Madison radio shows, as well as morning and evening newscasts. She has been featured in numerous trade magazines, newspapers and was even on the cover for Wisconsin Woman. She enjoys holding training workshops and seminars across the state. When she’s not working, she is enjoying mother nature on her farmette in Southern Wisconsin with her husband, children, Portuguese Water Dogs, cats, rats, tortoises, chickens and pot bellied pigs (which of course are clicker-trained!).

–Giene & The Dog Face Training Team 
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Hi Friends –

HALF OFF our Dog Training Classes that start tomorrow at our east Madison location at Camp K9 tomorrow! 

Dog One – Monday at 6:30pm $55 (half off price)

The perfect class for newly adopted dog or the dog that needs a good refresher! Greeting skills, leash manners, coming when called – We teach you positive training techniques for dealing with inattentive, out-of-control, and hyperactive adolescent and adult dogs.


Some of the behaviors and commands include:
  • Focused Attention
  • Settle and Stay
  • Wait at the door
  • Sit, Down, Come when called.
  • No jumping, nice leash walking, greeting strangers.
  • Leave It…
Download your FREE behavior handouts each week while you are enrolled in our Dog Training I Class!  Register Here >>


Dog Two/Advanced Puppies –
Monday at 7:30pm $55 (half off price)

This is where the real fun starts! Learn to overcome distractions and channel your dog’s energy into training as you develop a super-reliable dog that listens to you in the most difficult circumstances.
  • Commands at a distance
  • Drop on Recall
  • Out of sight Recalls
  • Off-Leash heeling
  • Proofing your dog for real-world situations
Download your FREE behavior handouts each week while you are enrolled in our Dog Training II Class! Register Here >>

Half off applies to the classes that are listed  
and for new enrollees only.


It’s important to remember that We are training YOU
to train your dog. Here are some helpful tips when working with your favorite furry friend:

  • We use Motivational Training, and Positive Reinforcement. What this means is that we try to find out what motivates our dogs – treats, praise, toys, etc. If your dog loves a certain toy at home, feel free to bring it to class! Because we also use positive reinforcement, we do not use adverse methods for training our dogs. We do not shout at our dogs, jerk on their necks with the leashes, hit our dogs, etc. We do not allow these harsh methods in the classroom and encourage you to use only positive methods at home also.
  • Be Patient – not all dogs learn at the same pace. If you notice that there is another dog in class that is learning faster than yours, do not become discouraged. They all learn at different speeds. Factors may be breed type, age, amount of time to train at home, etc.
  • Be Consistent. If you have decided to not let your dog sit on the couch, don’t give in and let him do it once when you’re too tired to tell him to get off. He will think the game has changed and the couch is now his big doggie bed! Also, do not allow your dog to do anything now that you will not want him to do when he is an adult (jumping up on people, etc.)   He won’t understand that he grew up, and won’t understand why all of a sudden he can no longer do something.
  • We are teaching our dogs how to learn, not just teaching them commands…  When dogs learn how to do something on their own, they will learn it much faster. Example: when we teach our dogs to “sit” we lure them into the correct position with a treat or toy, instead of forcefully pushing down on their backside with our hands.
  • Use a single command – When you ask your dog to do a command, WAIT for him to do it, or show him how to do it, rather than repeating the command with your voice. We want our dogs to learn right the first time. We don’t want them to think they only have to “sit” after we have said it 5 times.


–Giene & The Dog Face Training Team 
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Come Hike with Us – This Sunday!

Dog Face Summer Fun!

We are going on a hike this Sunday and we want you to join us!  We’ll be hiking at 9:00am this Sunday, June 19th at the Badger Prairie Park in Verona.  We will be meeting near the off-leash dog park area where the trail starts. This isn’t a class (it’s FREE), it’s just for fun!

All Ages, all breeds, all levels of training. The only thing we ask is that your dog is friendly and social – This is not a training class, so please be respectful and don’t bring dogs that are aggressive or reactive.
Click here to let us know you’re coming >>

 Violet Summer Fun

Hey, did you know we have class that focuses on MANNERS starting tomorrow?  It’s our Dog One Class, 7:45pm at our downtown location at Dog Haus University! It’s only 4-weeks long and $75 – Click here to join!!

Here’s where we’ll be, bring your dog and join the fun!

Puppy Playgroup

Saturday June 18th & Sunday June 26th Saturday July 9th & Saturday July 16th 9:00am at our McFarland location

Sign up Here >>

*Hike with your dog!

Sunday, June 19th, July 17th, Aug 21st

and Sunday, Sep 18th

Badger Prairie Park in Verona. We will be meeting at the off-leash dog park parking lot (although this is an on-leash hike). Meet at 9am, start hiking at 9:15am! Sign up Here >>

Doggy Paint Nite

Thursday, June 16th at 6:30pm at our McFarland location. $20 and will last about one hour. Heard of regular Paint Nite? Well this is WITH your dogs, and yes, they will be the ones painting the masterpiece! Get ready to have fun and get a little messy! Sign up Here >>


*Ice Cream Social

Sunday, July 3rd at 11:00am

Sunday, Aug 7th at 11:00am

Michaels Frozen Custard on Monroe Street. Bring your friendly dog, your camera, and have fun spending time with fellow dog lovers! Sign up Here >>

Craft Nite

Thursday, July 14th at 6:30pm at our east Madison location. $20 and will last about one hour. Get ready to have fun and get a little messy! Sign up Here >>

Make your own Homemade Dog Treats

Thursday, Aug 11th at 7pm at our west Madison location. $10 and will last about one hour. We supply the ingredients – You supply the dog! PS, don’t dress nice, you may get a little messy here too! Sign up Here >>

If you come (which, we hope you do!), please be responsible and only bring dogs that are well-mannered, friendly and socialized properly. We want this to be a fun time for everyone! Wait, you say this may be a little overwhelming for your dog? Hey, we won’t judge, we’d love to see you even if you don’t have your dog with you!

* = The Ice Cream Socials and Dog Hikes are Not Dog Face sanctioned events. These are just places where we will be hanging out with our own dogs and would be happy to have you join us! By attending you are acknowledging that you fully understand that you and anyone with you will be attending at your own risk.

–Giene & The Dog Face Training Team 



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Is your dog “Summer Ready”?

Summer comes with many different challenges for our dogs…  
We may think that the nicer weather is a welcome change, but to many dogs it means added stresses.  Walking along the sidewalk, breathing in the fresh air – All wonderful, right? Not always for our canine companions. A simple walk for us may actually be pretty stressful for them.  Never knowing if there is a dog around the corner, or a strange garbage can at the end of the driveway. This can all be pretty overwhelming. It’s nice to recognize your dogs stress or distraction signs, here are a few:

Yawning – Sounds pretty recognizable, right? Well, your dogs yawns may not mean he’s tired at all.  They can mean he is feeling nervous about the situation and trying to sooth or calm himself down. 

Looking Away – Looking away is a clear signal from your dog that they are nervous. I found this image that many people probably think is cute or funny. But, when you understand dog body language you actually feel pretty sorry for this dog. There is definitely something going on, be it  separation anxiety or what. But, this poor dog is clearly trying to tell it’s owner that it is uncomfortable…   
Scratching at their collar – Come on, that collar can’t be that itchy!  Nope, it’s not. Scratching is a cue that your dog is feeling a little nervous by what’s going on at that moment. If you’re trying to train your dog and he really isn’t understanding you, or if another puppy is trying to play with him and he does not want to interact.

Make sure your dog is SUMMER READY!
There are many more things we can teach you about what your dog is trying to communicate!  Enroll now in one of our great summer classes, and help to understand your dog more clearly!

Here are some of our June start dates
click here for class descriptions and to enroll

Starting this Saturday at our McFarland location 
Puppy Kindergarten
Teenage Puppy
Dog One
Focused & Confident ONE
Focused & Confident TWO – 2 hour workshop/one day only
Friday, June 3rd in the morning 
Out and About Town
Focused & Confident THREE
Monday, June 6th in the evening 
Out and About Town
Focused & Confident THREE
Monday, June 6th at our west Madison location 
Focused & Confident Level ONE
Focused & Confident Level TWO
Tuesday, June 7th at our west Madison location 
Puppy Kindergarten
Teenage Puppy
Tuesday, June 7th at our east Madison location 
Puppy Kindergarten
Teenage Puppy

Thursday, June 9th at our east Madison location
Focused & Confident Level ONE
Focused & Confident Level TWO

Wednesday, June 15th at our west Madison location

Dog Level ONE
Dog Level TWO

Thursday, June 16th at our downtown Madison location
Puppy Combo
Dog One/Manners Combo

We want to help you get your dog Summer Ready!        


–Giene & The Dog Face Training Team 
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Dog Face is Expanding!

We’re thrilled to be expanding!

We are so super excited to be expanding our training area to help more Madison area owners to learn how to communicate with their dogs!  Starting next month, we will be holding classes at Dog Haus University – Yay!!DHU Logo

For years we have admired the way that Nate and Steve Mathis-Vargas run their daycare, and we are honored to be teaming up with them to help dog owners in our community!

Check out our upcoming schedule at Dog Haus University and see which class matches your schedule, and your dog! We can’t wait to see you there!

Can’t make it downtown? We have locations all around Dane County for group classes and also come directly to you home! 

McFarland – Dog Hut Care

East Madison – Camp K9 Pet Care

West Madison – Ruffin It Resort

Middleton – Canine Sports Zone

Green County – Monticello

Get out and have fun with your dog this summer – We hope to be there with you!!
–Giene & The Dog Face Training Team 


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